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Editorial Board


Editor-in-chief     Dae Won Kim, MD Wonkwang University

Editorial Board
Hyon-Jo Kwon, MD Chungnam National University
Jung Ho Ko, MD Dankook University
Youngjin Jung, MD Yeungnam University
Junkyeung Ko, MD Pusan National University
Sung-Chul Jin, MD Inje University
Kwang-ho Lee, MD Gyeongsang National University
Je Young Yeon, MD Sungkyunkwan University
Sung-Pil Joo, MD Chonnam National University
Won-Sang Cho, MD Seoul National University
Jae Seung Bang, MD Seoul National University
Joonho Chung, MD Yonsei University
Sung-Kon Ha, MD Korea University
Dong Hoon Lee, MD Catholic University
Dong-Kyu Jang, MD Catholic University
JAE-SANG Oh, MD Soonchunhyang University
Eun Suk Park, MD University of Ulsan
Hee Sup Shin, MD Kyung Hee University
Jong Young Lee, MD Hallym University
Yu Shik Shim, MD Inha University
Taek Kyun Nam, MD Chung-Ang University
Kyu-Sun Choi, MD Hanyang University

Review Board
Hyeon Song Koh, MD Chungnam National University
Hyoung Soo Byoun, MD Chungnam National University
Seung Young Chung, MD Eulji University
Cheol Young Lee, MD Konyang University
Chun-Sung Cho, MD Dankook University
Jaewoo Chung, MD Dankook University
Jae Chan Park, MD Kyungpook National University
Dong-Hun Kang, MD Kyungpook National University
won-Soo Son, MD Kyungpook National University
Chul-Hoon Chang, MD Yeungnam University
Chang-Hyun Kim, MD  Keimyng University
Jae Il Lee, MD Pusan National University
Chang Hyun Kim, MD Pusan National University
Sang Weon Lee, MD Pusan National University
Young Gyun Jeong, MD Inje University
Sungtae kim, MD Inje University
Jaehyung Choi, MD Dong-A University
Chul-Hee Lee, MD Gyeongsang National University
Hyun Park, MD Gyeongsang National University
Kim Seung Soo, MD Gyeongsang National University
Sung Don Kang, MD Wonkwang University
Jong-Myong Lee, MD Chonbuk national university
Eun Jeong Koh, MD Chonbuk national university
Jong Soo Kim, MD Sungkyunkwan University
Yusam Won, MD Sungkyunkwan University
Yeongu Chung, MD Sungkyunkwan University
Ji-Hwan Jang, MD Sungkyunkwan University
Tae Sun Kim, MD Chonnam National University
Sang-woo Ha, MD Chosun University
Jong Hyeon Mun, MD Kwangju Christian Hospital
Jeong Eun Kim, MD Seoul National University
Hyun-Seung Kang, MD Seoul National University
Sung Ho Lee, MD Seoul National University
Oki Kwon, MD Seoul National University
Tackeun Kim, MD Seoul National University
Seung Pil Ban, MD Seoul National University
Jae Whan Lee, MD Yonsei University
Keun Young Park, MD Yonsei University
Yong Bae Kim, MD Yonsei University
Sang Kyu Park, MD Yonsei University
Tae Gon Kim, MD Cha University
Gyojun Hwang, MD Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital
Dong Jun Lim, MD Korea University
Dong-Hyuk Park, MD Korea University
Won Ki Yoon, MD Korea University
Jai Ho Choi, MD Catholic University
Ho Jun Yi, MD Catholic University
Hoon Kim, MD Catholic University
Jae Hoon Sung, MD Catholic University
Dong Young Cho, MD Ewha Womans University
Kyung Sool Jang, MD Catholic University
Kang Min Kim, MD Catholic University
Ik-Seong Park, MD Catholic University
Sunghoon Cho, MD Catholic University
Seok-Mann Yoon, MD Soonchunhyang University
Dong-Seong Shin, MD Soonchunhyang University
Suk Que Park, MD Soonchunhyang University
Jae Sung Ahn, MD University of Ulsan
Jung Cheol Park, MD University of Ulsan
Soon Chan Kwon, MD University of Ulsan
Seung Hoon You, MD University of Ulsan
Wonhyoung Park, MD University of Ulsan
Suhee Cho, MD University of Ulsan
Junbum Park, MD University of Ulsan
Jun Seok Koh, MD Kyung Hee University
Seok Keun Choi, MD Kyung Hee University
Jiwook Ryu, MD Kyung Hee University
Seung Hun Sheen, MD Cha University
Young Il Jun, MD Konkuk University
Jun Hyong Ahn, MD Hallym University
In Bok Chang, MD Hallym University
Jung Hyun Park, MD Hallym University
Jong Il Choi, MD Hallym University
Jin Pyeong Jeon, MD Hallym University
Dongkeun Hyun, MD Inha University
ChanJong Yoo, MD Gachon University
Myeong Jin Kim, MD Gachon University
Dae Han Choi, MD Gachon University
Hyunho Choi, MD Chung-Ang University
Seung Jin Lee, MD Kangwon National University
Hyeong Joong Yi, MD Hanyang University
Jin Hwan Cheong, MD Hanyang University
Na-Rae Yang, MD Ewha Womans University


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The Journal of Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery (JCEN), Department of Neurosurgery, Wonkwang University
School of Medicine and Hospital, 895, Muwang-ro, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do 54538, Korea.
Tel. 82-02-2279-9560, Fax. 82-02-2279-9561, E-mail:, Dae-Won Kim
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